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ABOUT THE BOOK If you are desperate enough to get what you want, then don’t spiritualize difficult situations and assume that is the way God wants them. Other can remain where they More »


The Covenant

THE COVENANT ABOUT THE BOOK There have been testimonies of how God miraculously delivered people in the bible and in our time. But those that receive their deliverance speedily are those that More »


Marital Solution

ABOUT THE BOOK If you are married and you are going through pain in your marriage now, look back to where it all started. You may have a clue to the solutions. More »


A branch cannot survive on its own,it can only be living when it is attach to a tree .your miracle is attached to God.If you leave God out of the formular for your success,then your  success will not last long.Because it lack continuity and it is cut off from its source of supply.But it’s never too late for you to graft yourself to the tree of life,the all sufficient,it can never run dry or be wasted ,when He  is involve.    Send article as PDF   


A story was told of boy who saw a ladder and decided to climb it,when he got to the top he became very excited that he used his leg to push away the ladder that took him up,by this time he was already on top of the roof,he started shouting ,daddy ,daddy I need help,the father came out met him on the root.The father said jump I will catch you,he do not even think twice before he jumped,he does not think of consequence of jumping,wether he can break his legs,his back or any part of his body,seeing his father he was happy,he jumped and the father caught him.This is faith God wants us to have the same type of faith    Send article as PDF   

One husband,one wife

The word of tells us that monogamy has been in existence from the begining.Divorce is permissive,because Jesus said it is because of the hardness of their heart,that Moses permitted them to divorce.To a true child of God divorce is not an option.I know some of us will say,what of men of God that did divorce their wives or husbands.Yes there are men of God doing it,let’s look at it this way ,if a man of God died of Ebola virus for instance,will pray that God should allow you have Ebola and die because it happened to a man of God.When I first gave my life to Christ ,our pastor then was caught kissing a sister in the church and the rumor spread like wild fire.I didn’t because of that start kissing every man I met on my journey to heaven because my pastor did it.I said ,my case is different .It is” follow me as I follow Christ “,not follow me when I am following my fleshly desires and not Christ .So be wise in that decision you want to take.God will reward you your obedience.

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Identify your helpers

There is always someone assigned to help you at any point in live but you must pray earnestly for them to manifest .some of this helpers may need to be forced by God to help you.Some people we feel are our enemies may be God’s instruments to take us into our destiny.Joseph’s  brothers that sold him into slavey were actually helpers because there is no way he would have gotten to Egypt  if not for them.lets even assume he got to Egypt ,how will he get to the kings palace or know what is happening in the palace if he do not get to the prison to meet with the kings bottler.The good thing about this is that God can use anyone to help you.

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